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How We Get In Our Own Way


How We Get In Our Own Way

Lydia Brownback

Bogged down by the weight of some big decision? We pray for wisdom, seek godly counsel, and try to discern where circumstances seem to lead. Even so, the weight of the choice before us can still feel oppressive. If you can relate, perhaps Kevin DeYoung's words will help: 

We have little longing left for our reward in the next life because we've come to expect such rewarding experiences in this life. And when every experience and situation must be rewarding and put us on the road to complete fulfillment, then suddenly the decisions about where we live, what house we buy, what dorm we're in, and whether we go with tile or laminate take on weighty significance. There is just too much riding on every decision. I'm pretty sure most of us would be more fulfilled if we didn't fixate on fulfillment quite so much.

This comes from his little book Just Do Something: A Liberating Approach to Finding God's Will (Chicago: Moody, 2009, pp. 32). The whole book is well worth a read--in fact, more than one read. It's a good one to keep on the shelf to reference when the crossroads come.