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Don't Follow Your Heart


Don't Follow Your Heart

Lydia Brownback

If you've never read anything by Jon Bloom, now would be a good time. He's just come out with a new book called Don't Follow Your Heart. Here's how Jon describes it:

"This is a book to help you with heart problems. Because the biggest problems in life are heart problems. And they often occur because you begin to follow your heart's direction rather than direct your heart."

In these 31 short chapters, which Jon calls "a collection of helps for common heart problems," we see why we are so often blue rather than joyful, grumbly rather than thankful, and anxious rather than peaceful. The root of the matter, as Jon says, is this:

"The Bible is clear: we must follow God's heart, not our heart. Today, following God's heart means to follow Jesus, which means dying to our fallen heart's desires and losing our lives in order to find them (Matt. 6:24-25)."

Jon's writing has often penetrated my heart over the past few years; he writes with spiritual discernment and as one who has spent time in the company of Jesus. At the Desiring God website you can purchase the paperback or download a free PDF of the entire book. Here's the link: