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Fear Follow-Up


Fear Follow-Up

Lydia Brownback

I just encountered these helpful words by pastor Geoff Thomas, and I am posting them as a follow-up to my last post on anxiety. Pastor Thomas does a much better job of conveying what I was trying to say. From a sermon he preached, here is some good stuff about fear:

John Calvin says, “God often allows us to fear things which aren’t terrible in themselves. Or he conceals his remedies until he has exercised our faith.” Then Calvin adds, “They who fancy that faith is exempt from all fear, have never experienced the true nature of faith.” Calvin knew from his own experience that even real faith can be mixed with fear. Then the Genevan reformer goes on to say this: “God doesn’t promise that he will be present with us in order to remove our sense of all the danger. No. He is present with us in order that fear may not prevail and overwhelm us in despair.” In other words, God didn’t say, “I’m going to remove from you every danger and every sense of danger.” Christians are not promised that. He says “In the midst of your fear, I’m going to uphold you so that your faith isn’t drowned by fear.” And by doing that God grows our faith.